Better way of building corporate websites and mobile apps

In today’s digitally driven world, a company’s website is often the first place that consumers, investors and job seekers go to learn more about an organization. The site should convey the company’s values and explain what it does. Design, functionality and navigation all play a major role in how a company is portrayed. A badly functioning or  poorly designed or site can cast a company in a very negative light. The site has to tell a persuasive, engaging story about the product or company to whom it addresses for.

What makes the website an effective corporate website? According to Nestlé’s Ferhat Soygenis, head of content and digital for corporate communications, a good site results from the collaboration and teamwork of various departments within an organization. “Everyone has to be aligned behind the same vision for the website and work towards it as one team,” he says. Different corporations have differing goals for their websites. Nestlé’s aim “is to help build trust in the company and positively impact its reputation,” adding that contemporary consumers want greater transparency. “Our website is a way to respond to this by offering a window into Nestlé.” company is. And of course, some companies do this far more effectively.

The corporate website is a powerful tool for companies to communicate with shareholders and is often the first place people will go for information about a company and its operations.

Topping this year’s forbes  list is Switzerland-based food and beverage company Nestlé, which was in a three-way tie for second place in last year’s ranking. Bowen Craggs cofounder David Bowen says Nestlé has faced a great deal of criticism over the years but manages it well. He notes that one of the company’s strengths is its “Ask Nestlé” page, where the public can find answers to questions about Nestlé’s brands, policies and products. “That’s a rather remarkable section that they’ve had for a few years, but they keep on polishing it,” says Bowen. “They take those questions on quite straight, they don’t try and avoid them.”

Heroistic provides an end-to-end corporate websites and mobile apps for public companies. Each corporate website and mobile apps starts with discovery and content strategy before we begin to incorporate cutting-edge design and development, custom-built IR website functionality, and a robust content management system built on a world-class infrastructure.

Add in our extensive public company experience and the most attentive and responsive client services team in the industry, and you have the ideal corporate websites and mobile apps. That’s why hundreds of public companies rely on Heriostic.


Data Driven UX

Careful planning & flawless execution.


You only get one first impression.

IR Technology

Fully integrated IR website, compliance and shareholder communication.

Issuer Experience

We only work with public companies.


Get more and pay less.

Mobile Responsive

Future proof your website with a responsive design and ADA Compliance.


Serving A Purpose

People use apps because they make their lives easier. Simplifying a daily process, need, or want of a user are why some apps succeed, and others fail. Along with fulfilling a paramount purpose for a user, simple intuitive functionality is a must. In other words, an app should be compelled to offer an engaging User Interface. Clean, easy-to-use elegant UI designs that require little effort remain the golden standard.

Know your audience

Successful apps are able to adapt and flow with the times, and that’s in large part due to their keen user awareness. Apps with scopes that are too big flounder because they try to do too much. Development time becomes so long that by the time a developer is done, they are entirely outdated. To be sure that your app is focused to the user’s expectations. The best apps perform a central key function that users like to use. Your niche should be no more than 2 or 3 core features, with a few embellishment features around them.

Hook em’

People continue to reuse apps because they are enticing. Enticing apps give people a reason to come back via new content, notifications, crisp usability, and updates. Whether your app performs a daily vital function for the user or is used for their leisure to communicate/share with others, peruse and learn information, or quite simply play a game for entertainment. There is no right or wrong kind of enticement, so be honest with assessing your end user’s needs. Whether you deliver new “free stuff,” work documents, or news, give them plenty of it.

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