DevOps in Mobile App Development: beneficial or not?

The term “Mobile application development” has become one of the most important factors for startups and entrepreneurs in recent years. Actually, the reason behind this is that  Mobile applications are one of the most effective sources to make your audience aware of your business features and strategies. 

Mobile application development is gaining its importance day by day which is increasing mobile app revenues ultimately. According to Statista, a survey has been done in regard to this. Let’s have a look below:

As we know how crucial the role of Mobile app developers for the good Mobile app development is? Similarly, here we will talk about what is the role of DevOps in Mobile application Development?

First of all, it is mandatory to throw light on.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a process that makes everything transparent and communicative between development and operations. It helps in making better understanding and communication among all those who are involved in the software development process. In other words, it could be said that it ensures that every person who is involved there is working on the same page. And ultimately it helps in connecting those people effectively who are a crucial part of that software development. 

Apart from this, it helps in speeding up the process and avoids extra investments. And to prove this, you can see the below-given image, which clearly shows the difference between DevOps and traditional IT Ops:

Is DevOps helpful in mobile application Development?

DevOps in Mobile App development is really helpful for companies. Although it is not that much easy process in the beginning but gradually it becomes easier when we start implementing and applying this process properly. After that, we can see its productivity, efficiency, client satisfaction, and revenue. 

But when you start implementing DevOps in the Mobile application development, you should consider the latest concerns, some crucial issues, and their solutions. 

What are the advantages of DevOps in Mobile App Development?

Before going through the detailed explanation of the benefits of DevOps in Mobile App Development, let’s have a quick look at what is the impact of DevOps or some DevOps practices which are helpful for  Mobile App Development through the below-given image:

Continuous Testing and Monitoring

As there are numbers of OS versions, so it is impossible to do the manual testing for all versions. But most of the mobile application testing is done manually on simulators instead of actual devices. 

In the manual process of testing, it may happen that a mobile app can perform well during the time of testing but it is not a big deal that it will fail in the live environment.

The factors behind its failure may include memory, network conditions, power, etc. So in order to avoid these types of issues, it is mandatory on the part of the developers as well as businesses to do continuous monitoring through third-party SDKs for log, crash report and so on in order to find out the base of the problem or the failure. 

Creation of better applications

It helps in creating better applications which leads to better user experience and this the universal truth that the user experience is one of the most important factors for the success of any business. Mobile DevOps helps in instant reporting and feedback, regression testing, transparent development process which is really helpful in  removing the errors, quicker fixes, and optimizing the user experience. 

Faster Release Time

DevOps helps in saving the development time as it increases the collaboration and among the different departments and teams that are involved in the particular software development and makes the whole process of communication transparent and this leads to the exchange of information which ultimately results in faster release time.

Quality Control

DevOps helps in maintaining the quality of the software development process as it is capable to look through the whole parts of the code from beginning till delivery while considering corrections that are added in between. For the future performance of the apps, it is necessary to give feedback and ratings on it. And this DevOps helps in fixing bugs and updates for future enhancements and changes. 

DevOps plays a very important role in improving the process of software development. And the important thing is that it is looking after the various aspects of software development keeping in mind the whole structure. This helps in controlling the quality of software development, effective collaboration, valuable monitoring, and overall success of the app. 

So, the implementation of DevOps is really beneficial for the boosting of the development process of your apps and to meet the business goals. 

Ignore Process delays

DevOps helps in making the whole software development process transparent, saves time, increases better communication among various teams. Apart from this, it helps in making better software and apps. DevOps helps in ignoring various kinds of process delays such as:

  • Inconsistent development process
  • Lack of ownership
  • Manual testing process
  • Instability in workflow
  • Poor communication

How to Implement Mobile DevOps?

Let’s have a look at some of the points given below which are telling what factors are necessary for the implementation of Mobile DevOps.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Developers should put code in a way that they can integrate it with others. The code of one team should be in such a way that it becomes easy to link easily with the code of another team. The developers should keep in mind that all development tools should be transparent such as text files, scripts, documents, configuration, code, etc.

Testing and Monitoring 

If we talk about mobile applications, there are various hurdles that come in the way of its development process and even after its development. So, in order to avoid that, it is necessary to do its testing and monitoring. But hold on! The manual testing won’t work., as it is just on simulators and emulators. But various issues may arise while making its use in the real environment. 

So, in a nutshell, let me tell you that you should do the testing process in the real environment as various types of factors included in the application process such as resolution, screen size, features, capabilities and so on of each device. 

For the better performance of the apps, it is mandatory there should be continuous testing and monitoring with the help of an automated testing process which will help to improve the process of handling frequent builds, finding bugs, and finding out solutions to the issues. 

Quality and Delivery

The developers should give keen feedbacks and ratings on the app stores, which will be helpful for future progress as well as improvements and ultimately this will result in the continuous improvement of mobile apps. 

What are the Challenges in Adopting DevOps For Mobile App Development?

Let’s find some of the points which are challenges that usually come in adopting DevOps for Mobile App Development:

Multi-platform support and mobile app testing

Just a 1-star rating of the customers can harm the name of your brand on the basis of the low performance of your mobile app. This harm they can do through mediums like the App Store or Play Store. As a result, it becomes difficult for you to do rigorous testing with the help of functionality, usability, and performance testing techniques for your app. 

Dependability on App store

It usually happens that sometimes you cannot deploy the apps and in this case, they go directly via the app store. This is basically an extra step which results in the delay in the app deployment in the user device. This makes the developers to come out with some direct updates and necessary bug fixes in the app. 

Final words

So, it could be said that DevOps in Mobile App development is highly beneficial as the role of DevOps is reflecting its importance for the building of good Mobile apps. As the selection of any programming language is quite important for  Mobile App Development, similarly the role of DevOps is equally important for the smooth running of your mobile application. 

So it is suggested for better Mobile Application development as well as for better future performance, take a step for some good DevOps solutions which will guide you regarding the proper procedure of the Mobile application development. 

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